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Reindeer Hide

Reindeer Hide

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Reindeer Hides have a soft and beautiful texture and offer a perfect look for Winter- or all year round depending on how you to plan to use it. 

This is an essential accessory for the Scandi look that is so strong, and looks amazing draped over a chair. You could go as far as using as a baby's floor rug.

These hides are a bi-propduct of the meat industry in Norway.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These Hides are real fur, which means all are unique in character and colour. There are a range of colours between a paler Grey/Brown to some that are more of a darker tone of Grey/Brown.

We don't offer colour options, as we hope you can understand and expect that each hide is going to be unique in colour.

You may have at the start some shedding - residual loose hairs from the tanning process. Give your hide a shake now and then outside. This is a natural hide and so you should expect shedding. 


As these hides are all a little different, they do differ slightly in size. These Hides are classed as a LARGE size, and are approximately 1200mm long and 950mm wide