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MENU Salt & Pepper Grinders - Blue

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The Menu Bottle Grinders are an iconic, unique design that look awesome in your kitchen and are a dream to use, with their ergonomic shape and sleek feel. An upside down design ensures that neither salt nor pepper sprinkles out when not in use - only when you are grinding. This way those pesky stray bits are not left on the table. 


Sleek plastic outer, ceramic grinder, wood lid. 

20cm tall. Set of 2.


Care: Avoid placing bottle grinders in direct sunlight as this may cause the surface texture to show early signs of wear. To clean simply wipe with a soft dry cloth. For stains etc, please use a light soap such as a dishwashing soap on a wet cotton cloth. We always recommend to use a dry cloth afterwards. Do not use any cleaners with chemicals, solvents, or harsh abrasives.