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Flynn Mirror Round- Black 100cm diameter

Flynn Mirror Round- Black 100cm diameter

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Sorry this mirror can not be shipped as it is too fragile and oversized.

Pick up only in store.


To ensure longevity of a mirror it is important to care for this type of product correctly over time.


To clean mirrors, wipe the mirror surface with a cloth dampened in water then buff the mirror surface dry with a second lint-free cloth. Lightly dust the frame as necessary.


Do not spray any liquids directly onto the mirror surface. Do not use any liquid cleaners that contain corrosive chemicals such as ammonia, products like Windex, or acids such as vinegar. Do not allow any liquids to come into contact with the frame. 


Mirrors in bathrooms

Please note these mirrors are not suitable or warranted for use in high humidity areas, including bathrooms and other wet areas under any circumstances. This includes rooms that are well ventilated.