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We have been in love with the work that Stacey from Just South West produces for quite some time now. With the moody black backgrounds that highlight a lone flower’s detail, it almost creates a new light on floral arrangements, and in particular has really inspired us to create a very simple designed bedroom reveal.
This months room reveal, we collaborated with Stacey to create our own floral arrangements to work with any shade of linen bedding for a fresh new start in your room this Spring. Stacey made her way up to the big smoke and we spent a lovely day playing around with different spring foliage and flowers to end up with 4 beautiful floral prints perfect for bedroom settings.
In applying it to a bedroom, I have started off with a blank space- Dulux Okarito on the walls which was the perfect white to accommodate the lighting and palette planned for the room, and assists in letting the drama of the prints be the hero of the room. 
We could have applied some really bright poppy coloured or dark linen bedding, however the muted pastels of stone green and lilac were a perfect match in highlighting the blooms from the art prints and has ensured that the room doesn’t feel too dark and cluttered especially as we enter into Spring.
I’m really loving how this space is so simple. It has a real elegance to it, and there isn’t an overload of nick-nacks or ornament that just collect dust. Simple is our new plan going forward, especially for a bedroom where all you want to do is rest and let go of the clutter of life.
Simply stated- less is more.