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We recently were lucky enough to work with Sealy New Zealand who gifted us the most amazing plush and luxurious new bed for our bedroom at home.

Since welcoming our little mate Austen in to the world, I haven’t had a sleep longer than 3 hours for over 5 months now. So the sleep that I do get is very precious and our bedroom therefore needs to offer me comfort and rejuvenation so I can keep going.

We welcomed Sealy into our home to talk about how we live and use our bedroom, and here lies within our own bedroom reveal and our conversation with Sealy on how we have created our own little sleep haven at home. 


What does a sleep haven mean to you and what was your inspiration for this space?

A sleep haven to me is a place where your body and mind can relax and unwind. There’s so much going on in our everyday lives that I like to keep this space minimalist, with light colours for the walls, and adding character by layering comfortable textures, linen blankets and carefully selected furniture.  We have used a lovely fresh white paint that has a slight tint of grey to it- Dulux Manorburn Half which set a lovely blank canvas.

I would say that our style is clean and modern.  The simple and relaxed feel creates a space that is restorative and calming.

What in your room makes you happy? What are some of your favourite pieces?

Our new bed and our linen. I sit and work on it, take time to read and play with Austen on it, and take much needed naps, especially after our broken sleep at night.

How important is having a good night sleep to you? How does it affect you day-to-day?

It didn’t take us long as a couple and new parents to realise the importance of sleep. We end up being cranky and struggling to concentrate the next day if we’ve had a bad night’s sleep. And especially with our wee man, the sleep that I do get has become incredibly precious to me, so the thought of a comfortable new bed to look forward to each night is very exciting.

What are your mornings like?

Every morning we relax in bed together as a family and discuss our plans for the day, while soaking up all of Austen’s cuddles and smiles! This is our favourite time of the day.

What’s your favourite quote or motto you live by?

“Have a laugh” – this motto reminds me not to take myself too seriously. I’m human and will make mistakes, I have character flaws and will enviably do and say silly things. Instead of being worried about what people think, I try and just laugh at myself.

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