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If you told me a year ago that I was going to be presenting a room reveal with a purple wall and terracotta floor, I would have replied ‘you’re having a laugh?’

But woah nelly, I am now releasing to you the boldest move I’ve made to date with a room reveal and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I am so pleased to present to you this living setting with a beautifully rich Dulux Hokonui Hills on the walls, and earthy toned ‘Dulux Earthquake Flats to ground the look.

Following some of the latest colour trends in fashion, I decided to apply it to this living corner and I really love how these colours work together creating a lovely moody environment. It particularly works well in this space as there is a great amount of natural light that draws out the true richness and softens the look of the colours.

I probably wouldn’t paint my entire house in these colours, but a nice balance in applying it to a smaller room or as a feature corner as we have set up here.

Keeping the styling minimal was really important not to clutter this look, so the simple formed pipe coffee tables and matching legged armchair nestle perfectly into this corner.

Enjoy these warmer tones as the season start to cool.

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