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In a build, renovation or re-styling of a house , entranceway’s and hallways are so often forgotten about, and to fill in the gaps people just place a random piece of art or odd hall table in place with no additional thought. Entry way’s are usually the first space people see when they enter your house and therefore set’s a mood for how they are going to enjoy the environment of your living space.
I personally think that the entranceway of a home requires comfort and a feeling of safety. When you come home you want to be able to leave all the stresses of work and general life issues outside your front door, take a deep breath and be invited to calm down, take off your shoes hang your bag and hat as soon as you enter your house.
In creating this entranceway I have considered a calm and neutral colour palette mixed with some top interior pieces that welcome you to relax. Using a very soft mustard cream hue of Dulux Collingwood has offered a nice and calm environment paired with a warm American Oak floorboard.
I have steered away from using bold and stark colours or patterns so you don’t feel overwhelmed as soon as you open that door.
My obvious favourite of this whole set up is this gorgeous ‘Morocco’ photographic print by Georgina Skinner. This light pink and soft lighting offers a soft contrast to the wall colour we have gone with.
Direct your guests- Use a hall runner to help direct guests into living spaces, there is nothing worse than entering a house and not knowing which way to go. I’ve used this gorgeous Zulu patterned rug to match the theme of the artwork and texture of the hide on bench seat.
Hang up your worries- as you enter or leave the house you need a place to leave all your essentials. We have come up with a cool Leather strap hook DIY that you can hang bags, umbrella’s and hats from.
A place to sit , take a breath and take off your shoes- I have a general rule of shoes off at the door, so having a bench seat where you can sit to unwind and take off your shoes is a nice touch.
Artistic touch- find a piece of art that makes you feel calm and reminds you of home. You want to make sure that you feel welcomed in a comfortable way.