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The beginning of the year calls for a fresh start in the room you spend most of your time in. At the moment Corban and I are living at my mum’s house in a room with all of our possessions, waiting for our new house to be built. With our day’s being so cluttered with managing our new businesses, meetings, emails etc, all we want to do is come home to a calm and de-cluttered environment. So this is basically my dream room at the moment, a place where we can relax and wind down from a long day, to sleep well, and to have the space to dream up our future.

To make a clean and clear space we have gone for a calm White paint on the walls, and soft and subtle colours for the bedding, focussing a lot on texture to create different shades and variety to the look.

We love the idea of using a shelf as your bedside table, which makes for a tidy look on the ground below, and also makes room for a beautiful chair for you to sit and relax on at the end of the day.

So if you have a big year ahead of you, have a think about your room now and if you do feel relaxed and calm in it, and think about how you can create your own little safe haven to help you rejuvenate and wind down at the end of each day.