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DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

It's almost Christmas and I am more than excited!!!!!!!!

I love coming up with something just a little personal when gifting at Christmas time, and this year I am going to be making my own gift wrap for all of my friends and family. It might be a personal 'doodle' that suits the person I am gifting to, or just a lovely generic painted design. 

There's a few different and VERY easy things you can do to make your own personal gift wrap, and I want to share with you so you can adopt this too.

Foliage Decorating

This is super simple but so beautiful.

All you need is plain ol' brown kraft paper, twine and some dried foliage... you could even use fresh flowers or foliage if you are leaving to the last minute...

But I love the look of either dried rosemary, eucalyptus or wheat and straw. Kinda rustic and almost festive looking at the same time.

Simply wrap your gift, wrap some twine and then pop a sprig of your chosen foliage in the last knot...and wallah.

Hand Drawn illustrations

Now this one requires a little bit of an artistic hand... or just practicing a few doodles before applying. Grab a nice calligraphy pen or nice inky black pen and draw some christmas decorations or festive graphics like a Christmas tree, a piece of Holly or even just words?

I have drawn a little stick figure Christmas tree, and then a few dots here and there (possibly resembling snow).

Then if yours is looking a bit like a kindergarten kids drawing... by adding a sprig of foliage it makes it look a little bit more sophisticated

Painted Gift Wrap

Now this one doesn't really require a lot of skill. You can just splat a few dots in lovely colours and it looks personal and creative. I just grabbed a Dulux test pot in a colour that I loved and splatted a few odd sized dots over the paper.

 You don't have to do dots, it could be stars, squiggles, mini christmas trees, whatever you want. The point is that the person receiving will feel pretty great that you have put in some effort


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